Bicycle Event Map Clients

Bike Wisconsin wanted route maps and cues for their three cross-Wisconsin tours. We went with repurposing the existing free Wisconsin Department of Transportation bike map PDFs of each county, and stitched them together to create daily map, profile and cue sheets.

"Francis at Eagle Eye Maps was easy to work with and did a super job with the maps and cues for our Bike Wisconsin® tours this year. I highly recommend him."

- Eric Schramm, GRABAAWR, Bike Northwoods Tour, SAGBRAW, Bike Wisconsin

The Dairyland Dare maps are an example of following a very good prior design and updating it, plus making a few tweaks in the artwork to make it work better for the user.

"VERY NICELY DONE!  I'm very pleased with what we've been able to produce this year." "We LOVE the maps - thanks for all your good work!!"

- Stewart Schilling & Michelle Godez-Schilling, Dairyland Dare

The Viking Biking Club sponsors the Horribly Hilly Hundreds just west of Madison. They have three route lengths, which we used color to identify. The route colors were extended to the profiles and cue sheets. The shaded relief (hill shading) brought out the feeling of many, many hills.

“The maps look outstanding. The color differentiation for the stages offers a new level of clarity. Many thanks for all your work!”

- Shelby Retzlaff, Horribly Hilly Hundreds, Viking Biking Club Top of Page

Spree Touring needed a two-sided map and cue set to give to their riders. As with all our maps, we were looking to the future years to leave enough space around the map to change routes if necessary.

“Looks really good. Thanks for the great job.”

- Don Curtis, Kickapoo Kicker, Spree Touring

The League of Michigan Bicyclists wanted daily maps and cues for their Shoreline West tour. An index map started off the set, and included were inset maps for the starting and ending towns, and some parks, for each day.

“The maps are WONDERFUL!!! I can see the changes in mileages, etc., that you’ve done to make them more accurate. Thank you.”

- Tracy Smith, Shoreline West, League of Michigan Bicyclists

In the 1990's I self-published a set of three Wisconsin State Park Trail maps for the Elroy-Sparta/400/Union trails, the Glacial Drumlin trail, and the Military Ridge/Sugar River trails.

“They’re the finest trail maps I’ve ever seen! Well worth the price.”

- K.M., Chicago, Illinois

In Washington State, I self-published a set of seven general bike touring maps around the Puget Sound area.

“I was so impressed with the details of the map, I vowed myself to obtain some before starting out on another tour.”

- G.M., Provost, Alberta, Canada

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