Format Examples

Most likely, you will need a printed map and cue sheet for riders to carry on the road - these are now known as "static" maps in this online age. The PDF format can be viewed and printed by the user as well as used by a commercial printer.

Any of the static maps intended for print can be used online on your web pages with the help of your webmaster. Also, the trace of the route can be used in several interactive technologies. Here’s a selection of formats I can provide:

PDF and GeoPDF® documents

PDF for user download and printing and display, and large-volume commercial printing. GeoPDF® for user download and GPS-enabled display on computers, tablets or certain mobile devices. Regular PDFs can be enlarged without losing resolution, so they can be used for map posters at registration and along the route.

JPEG (JPG) and TIFF images

For your web page, a static image generated from the original map file to the area and size you need.

Zoomify viewer
The Zoomify viewer allows the user to zoom way into and around a static image to check out details without having to download the map. It uses a JPG of the entire map.
Use the zoom slider at the bottom. (Parts of the image may be fuzzy until all map tiles are loaded.)
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Google Maps viewer
Using a GPX file of the route to generate a KML file, your route can display on a live Google Map window on your website. There are many background map and imagery choices available beyond Google’s types.
Check out the map type and map opacity controls in the upper right corner.

Google Earth viewer
Using a GPX file or a KML file, your route can display on a live Google Earth window on your website. Plus there is the option of doing a flythrough “tour” along the route. The user can zoom in, tilt and move around the landscape - give it a try. (You will need the Google Earth plug-in installed otherwise only Google Maps will be visible. Download and install the plug-in, then restart your browser. Google Earth may not work on all mobile devices.)

GIS TileMill map viewer
Using a GPX file of the route to generate a KML file, your route can display on a GIS data map on your website. The GIS base style and color can be customized to your specifications and offers a much more personalized look to your maps than regular online maps.

Smartphone images

GeoTIFFs (and GeoPDFs®) can be made for user download to Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices using Avenza Systems PDF Maps app.

GPX, KML and KMZ files

Routes are created using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, saved as GPX, KML or KMZ files, which can be downloaded by the rider and used with most GPS devices, Google Maps, and MapMyRide, Ride With GPS, Bikely and other fitness tracking online services.


Cue sheet files

Cue sheets can be produced in either a PDF, JPG, Excel or text file format.

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