Chamber of Commerce Online Maps

We offer several formats which allow you to have your maps online. Each uses your same high-quality print map as a base

The simplest map is a JPG version of your print map. This works best for small maps.

Small JPG map

For most maps that are page-size or larger, a downloadable PDF file works well. Click on the image below to download a sample. Web links can also be added to a PDF map.

Fort Collins area downloadable map

Or we can take your printed or PDF map and use the Zoomify viewer to let folks look at it in their browser, so they don't have to bother with a download.

Zoomify viewer
The Zoomify viewer allows the user to zoom way into and around a static image to check out details. You can have us add web links to the Zoomify map for members' web sites and points of interest.
Use the zoom slider at the bottom. (Parts of the image may be fuzzy until all map tiles are loaded.)

Finally, for iPhone and Android users, we can make a GeoPDF which allow your position to be viewed on your map instead of a generic online map. GeoPDF's use Avenza Systems' free PDF Maps app.

PDF Maps app

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