Request for Quote

Please answer a few questions about your project before you call me. It will greatly speed the process, and give you a clearer picture of what you really need.

  • What is the purpose of the map? In other words, who will be using the map and in what way?

  • What will be it’s final form: print or web? Or both?

  • Will you be supplying the source data? Usually I will supply the base map and other data. Sometimes the client (you) would supple specific information, such as locations of featured places.

  • What is the geographic area to be covered?

  • What is the final image size? Is the proportion (relative height and width) of the geography fairly close to the proportion of the final image size?

  • How many colors? A one-color map is often black and greys (tints of black), a two-color map has (obviously) two colors and the tints thereof. A four-color map refers to the specific inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black - CMYK) which when printed together in various amounts gives a full color image.

  • Do you know what form you want the final map supplied: EPS, TIFF or film negative (for commercial printing); PDF, JPG or GIF (for web)?

  • If a commercially printed map, have you selected a printer, and the type of printing process and paper?

  • Do you know your approximate budget?

  • What is the time frame?

Thanks for thinking about these decisions. If the list seems daunting, don’t worry; I can help you with any questions you can’t answer.

Call 608-233-9037 for a quote.


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